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BELT BAG - Sofia - rose gold

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Our signature laser-cut design turns this unique belt bag into a style statement.  Envied for its ability to marry sleek elegance with contemporary aesthetics. 

Digitally handcrafted out of vegan leather, this eye-catching belt bag features silver-tone hardware, a wrist strap, a top zip fastening, a main internal compartment, cotton lining and an internal card slots with embossed logo patch. It will hold your cards, cash, change and love notes for years to come.  


  • height: 14,5 cm / 5,7"
  • width: 23,5 cm / 9,3"
  • depth: 1 cm /  0,4"

        detachable wristlet strap:

  • 1,2 cm / 0,5" wide
  • length :  17 cm / 6,7" 


    • vegan leather71% PU, 18% PA, 11% VI
    • lining: 100% cotton


    • champagne bronze color
    • interior: 1 slip pocket & 2 card slots
    • zipped main compartment
    • central compartment fits smartphone,  keys, thin wallet, make-up..
    • ways to wear: belt beg & held in hand
    • Adjustable belt closure on strap
    • optional: buy a wrist band and wear it as a wristlet
    • high-quality zippers and hardware
    Investment piece
    Timeless design combined with high-quality materials and craftsmanship will make this bag your companion for many years to come.


    • Eco-friendly vegan leather: Ideal for everyone who looks for animal-friendly fashion accessories. 
    • Sustainable fabrics : PETA Approved high-quality vegan leather.
    • Premium quality : To ensure quality is our brands' top priority.  We want to maintain consistently high quality in all the brands' products and services.
    • Slow fashion : We aim to create beautifully and thoughtfully designed products that last. Buy thoughtfully, buy less, buy quality.
    • Timeless design : By nurturing old craft techniques with hi-tech industrial processes we produce contemporary objects with a timeless aesthetic.
    • Social sustainability : Fair wages for people who work with us. Local production - supporting local economy.
    • Modular construction :  Versatility: enable product upgrade according to changing needs. Personalization: enable product modification to fit various styles. 


    • Spot clean only with soft, damp and non-abrasive cloth

    Don’t rub the surface or use any kind of abrasive cloth or sponge.  Soft cloths and repeated circular motions is all you need. 

    • Warm water and liquid soap

    Soak a cloth or sponge in warm water and wipe down your surface. Wiping this way will catch dust, dirt and other debris. You can also use liquid soap for this step.

    • Never reach for the bleach 

    Whatever the stain, don’t use bleach. Bleach is the most drying product you can put on faux leather and it will affect the structure of the fabric and it will become more susceptible to future marking. 

    • Clean after cleaning

    Whatever you use to clean a mark, whether it works or not, always give it a wipe afterward with mild detergent. The cleaners will do the job but they are not meant to be left on the surface for long periods of time.

    • Test First

    Anything you put on your faux leather, try on a hidden part first just to check that there is no adverse reaction. Test it, let it dry and then try on the visible parts.

    • Protect from longer exposure to direct sunlight
    • To store for a longer period
    Fill the bag with tissue paper to help maintain its shape and absorb humidity, and store in the provided dust bag


      Zmai bags are made out of modular units therefore it’s parts can be removed and replaced with new ones. We care deeply for the quality of our products and want to ensure you’ll be able to use your bag for a long time. 

      If your Zmai handbag gets any scuffs and scratches, rips & tears, worn edges or unremovable stains, we’ll do our best to repair and restore it. Write us to our email and also send us a picture of the damaged part so we can review it and offer personalized solutions. 

      Long lasting items are the core principle of sustainable fashion and we’ll do our best to make our products become heirloom pieces.

      Contemporary craftmanship

      We blend state of the art technology with traditional handbag-making techniques. The fusion of innovative techniques and artisanal craft gives our bags a unique, distinctive and recognizable appearance.   



      Investment piece

      By following the universal and timeless language of geometry, our aim is to create ‘future heirlooms’, contemporary items with an ageless aesthetic that transcend trend and have value and relevance that will survive the test of time.

      Free worldwide shipping

      Celebrate with us and take advantage of
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      by the end of July 2021!

      Timeless quality & design

      Innovation driven process of production the bags helps us to create the bags of best quality. The products are locally made and sustainable, so they will be your companions for a long time!

      Customer care

      We appreciate our customers and we believe you are going to love our products! In case of any questions or problems we are here to help you on every step.

      BELT BAG - Sofia - rose gold

      BELT BAG - Sofia - rose gold