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At our core, we are an innovation driven sustainable brand. Our bags are designed and produced with a carefully thought out digital craftsmanship. We do not compromise on beauty in order to be kind to nature and we do not compromise on functionality in order to look good. And we do not compromise on quality in order to be versatile. We are a part of a tribe that loves being surrounded by and dressed in beauty that is born out of values, not vanity.

Vegan leather

No dragon has been killed in the making of our bags!

Well, joke aside, it is true that we believe no animals need to be harmed for people to wear beautiful fashion accessories. For us it is important to prioritize the welfare of all living creatures on this planet, therefore we use only high-quality vegan leather for our products.

We believe that your style should not only reflect who you are but also what they care about.

Slow fashion

We believe in an individual's style that remains for years. And so do our bags - beautifully and thoughtfully designed pieces are created to last a lifetime and not just a season. We want to encourage people to buy less and thoughtfully, to invest in quality pieces of the wardrobe that are going to stay with you for years.

By following the universal and timeless language of geometry, we aim to create ‘future heirlooms’, contemporary items with an ageless aesthetic that transcend trends and have value and relevance that will survive the test of time.

Artisanal craftsmanship

ZMAI bags are contemporary objects with a timeless aesthetic. The signature texture of Zmai bags that resembles dragon’s skin is a result of the innovative assembly process called digital handcraft. Each bag consists of laser-cut pieces that are assembled by hand.

We celebrate the craftsmanship and recognize creativity as its strongest asset. By combining the advantages of modern technology with the priceless value of traditional handcrafting skills we honor the artisan and foster innovations.

Local production

ZMAI bags are responsibly produced in a small, family-run workshop in Sežana, Slovenia. High-working standards in Slovenia ensure our collaborators a healthy workplace and fair wages. With constant transparency and traceability of our processes, we want to show you our responsibility towards nature and you.

We choose our partners thoughtfully because we care for everyone involved in our story. Most of our materials are produced in Italy. By sourcing fabrics and materials from Europe and as close as possible we aim to minimize our carbon footprint. 


Sustainability doesn't work without transparency. It’s a complex issue and a never ending journey. We haven't figured everything out yet. We do make mistakes. But we do want to improve and grow. We believe it's more important to be honest than pretend to be perfect.

We want to make our products even better by improving their performance, by making them fit with your needs even better and by making them even more sustainable.