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Inspired by dragon

Symbol of power, strength, and good fortune. 

Created for the modern urban warriors who are connected to their inner fire.


Digitally handcrafted out of vegan leather. Produced locally by skilled artisans. 


Inspired by the past, focused on the future. 

Timeless design

ZMAI successories does not compromise on functionality in order to look good. And it does not compromise on quality in order to be versatile. 

Made like no other bag

Created with respectful appreciation towards traditional craftsmanship, passionate attention to detail and visionary pursue of innovative ideas.

Unique as you are!

Free worldwide shipping

Celebrate with us and take advantage of
complimentary free worldwide shipping
by the end of May 2021!

Timeless quality & design

Innovation driven process of production the bags helps us to create the bags of best quality. The products are locally made and sustainable, so they will be your companions for a long time!

Customer care

We appreciate our customers and we believe you are going to love our products! In case of any questions or problems we are here to help you on every step.

Testimonials from our dragon ladies

The backpack has arrived, it is beautiful and I could not be more satisfied! I will be wearing it proudly. Thank you!


We got your backpack today and delivered it to our friend! :) Thank you so so much, it was so nicely packaged and the bag is just amazing! He loved it and he loved the brand name and everything about it!

Bistra and Christina

The most beautiful and the best backpack. My faithful companion for a half of year already. <3


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